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Effective communication with prospective students, whether they are inquires, applicants, or
admitted students, is a key component to the success of an admissions strategy. At each and
every stage of the recruitment funnel, it is critical that your institution has a communications strategy
in place to ensure high-quality, timely, and informative responses.


Our specialized telerecruitment services are designed to use the Slate CRM to streamline your outreach process and engage with prospective students and families in a seamless experience. We provide customized telerecruitment services using your Slate instance to ensure connections are documented immediately. We work with you to develop each part of the strategy and meet your outreach goals. All plans include direct Slate integration and can be expanded at any time.

Communications Audit

Our audit services are designed to elevate your outreach strategies in crafting personalized, data-driven communication plans that resonate with your audience. A communications audit determines how effective current communications tools are, including their strengths and weaknesses, and provides recommendations necessary to work even better. Communication audits are developed in partnership with your institution to meet enrollment goals. Starting at $3,000.

Communications Consulting

Our communications consulting service is a strategic partnership to provide you with ad-hoc consulting customized to meet the needs of your institution. We offer on-demand expertise and research in refining communication strategies and content creation, providing dynamic and effective outreach to attract, engage, and enroll prospective students. We work with institutions to deliver retained communication and content expertise starting at $90/hour.


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