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Telerecruitment Services

At ConnectEd Enrollment Services, we understand the importance of seamless and engaging interactions with prospective students and families. That's why we leverage the power of your Slate CRM instance to streamline the outreach process and provide a customized experience and immediate documentation of connections.

Key features of our telerecruitment services:

  1. Collaborative Strategy Development: We collaborate with your team to develop a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your outreach goals and maximizes the impact of your campaigns. We will create a completely customized script designed to address your specific objectives. 

  2. Customized Approach: We tailor our telerecruitment services to meet your institution's unique needs, providing a personalized experience for prospective students and families. Our telerecruitment team will engage with students and families to qualify leads and help institutions prioritize level of interest.

  3. Slate CRM Integration: Our services seamlessly integrate into the institution's Slate CRM instance, ensuring a cohesive and efficient outreach process.

  4. Immediate Documentation: Connections made through our services are documented in real-time, allowing for accurate and timely record-keeping.

  5. Staff with experience: Our telerecruitment specialists have worked professionally in higher education and enrollment management. Their passion is to communicate with students and families and assist them through the college selection process. This passion allows for them to have the desire to help students learn about client institutions in a knowledgeable and exciting manner.

We provide telerecruitment services for all stages of the funnel, from inquiry to admitted students and even current student retention initiatives, to assist institutions in connecting with students and supplement staff responsibilities. Engaging with our telerecruitment services provides institutions the opportunity to connect with more students in a thoughtful way. 

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