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  • Beth Anne Consolazio

Empowering Institutions: ConnectEd's Enrollment Services for Higher Education

Empowering Institutions: ConnectEd's Enrollment Services for Higher Education In today's competitive higher education landscape, institutions are constantly seeking ways to stand out and attract the best and brightest students. That's where ConnectEd Enrollment Services comes in. With our expertise in marketing and communications, ConnectEd empowers higher education institutions to revolutionize their admissions and enrollment strategies. One of the key services offered by ConnectEd is optimizing outreach strategies. We understand the importance of reaching prospective students through various channels and tailoring the message to resonate with them. Whether it's through social media campaigns, targeted emails, or personalized phone calls, ConnectEd helps institutions effectively engage with their target audience. Engaging prospective students and their families is another area where ConnectEd excels. We understand that the decision to pursue higher education is a significant one, and we work closely with institutions to create a positive experience for both the students and their families. By providing information about admissions, financial aid, and enrollment needs, ConnectEd ensures that prospective students have all the information they need to make an informed decision. ConnectEd also specializes in optimizing Slate and data-driven communication strategies. They understand the power of data in informing communication efforts and use it to create personalized and impactful messages. By leveraging Slate, a leading enrollment management system, ConnectEd helps institutions streamline their communication processes and ensure that the right message reaches the right student at the right time. One of the standout services offered by ConnectEd is our enrollment telerecruitment services. We have a team of higher education professionals who make calls on behalf of higher education institutions to provide information and support to prospective students. The passion of our callers is to communicate with students and families and assist them through the college selection process. This personal touch goes a long way in building trust and establishing a connection with students, ultimately increasing enrollment rates. Communication consulting is another area where ConnectEd excels. We offer communication audits to assess the effectiveness of an institution's current communication strategies and provide recommendations for improvement. Additionally, we assist with content creation, ensuring that institutions have compelling and engaging messages that resonate with their target audience. In conclusion, ConnectEd Enrollment Services is a valuable partner for higher education institutions looking to boost their admissions and enrollment efforts. With our expertise in optimizing outreach strategies, engaging prospective students and families, and providing communication consulting, ConnectEd empowers institutions to create a positive experience for both students and institutions. By leveraging data-driven strategies and personalized communication channels, ConnectEd helps institutions stand out in a competitive landscape and attract the best-fit students. If you're looking to revolutionize your admissions and enrollment communications, ConnectEd is the partner you need.

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